Monday, February 18, 2008

Ralf Gjoni on SKY NEWS Live commenting on Kosova's Independence

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Mjaft! London Club engaged in a very proactive media campaign during the days leading to the Declaration of Independence in Prishtina. Through a press release sent to all British news outlets, Mjaft! London Club joined the citizens of Kosova in their celebrations for the newborn state and supports Kosovo's independence as the only viable option towards long-term stability in the region and support the efforts of its new government towards Euro-Atlantic integration. In addition, Mjaft! London Club opposes any moves by Serbia and Russia to block any development efforts in the next few months.

In particular, we would like to throw our support behind the newly approved EU Mission in Kosovo and its police and justice force which will ensure operational continuity in the country, taking over from UNMIK.

Ralf Gjoni, Director of MJAFT! London Club was invited as a special guest by SKY NEWS in London to comment during the outlet's full coverage of the Declaration of Independence. MJAFT! was congratulated and recognised by SKY for its efforts in campaigning for Kosovo's independence in international circles through its lobbying and public affairs campaigns. When asked 'why now?' by SKY presenter Samantha Simmonds, Ralf Gjoni responded 'Why not now? This day is 20 years late and is a very special day for us, the Albanian people and the entire region. Kosova should have gained independence in 1989, and it has taken almost 20 years to make that dream reality. This long awaited move will help clarify the messy political instability created by Serbia's political class in the region. Serbia should now start looking towards Brussels not Prishtina.'

Ralf was invited to stay LIVE on TV to translate and comment for over two hours as the events of independence were unfolding in Prishtina. During the interview he added: 'Today, Serbia should wake up and accept the new geo-political reality in the region. Today we have a new Republic of Kosova and the Serbs in the north should make every effort to integrate in this new state. PM Thaci has made it clear that this will be a Kosova of all citizens and communities. The Albanians have clearly made their choice – and that is EU integration. Now it is time for the Serbs to make their choice known to the world: either they want to be in Europe or they stay isolated as a Russian satellite. At MJAFT! – we have always been firm believers in Europe and aspire for a common future of the Balkans in Europe. There no reason why the future of our generation should be held hostage by Serbian nationalism anymore'.

In addition to SKY NEWS, Mjaft! London Club secured the Press Association's support during the activities in London and generated substantial interest among other major outlets and political audiences.

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