Wednesday, May 13, 2015

At the European Parliament

At the European Parliament
@ the European Parliament

Discussing with regional and EU representatives on the development of the necessary political culture and need to broaden political dialogue across South-East Europe if we want to create the necessary conditions for a sustainable democratic order across the region. 

During his intervention, Ralf Gjoni said that countries in South-East Europe need to cultivate a more positive culture of political dialogue, with each country needing to be more productive in terms of their specific European agenda. 

"The problem in the Balkans is when 
opposition political parties chronically refuse to participate at the legislative process, although all necessary conditions for dialogue have been created". - added Gjoni.  

The Chief Foreign Policy Adviser concluded: "In this context, messages coming from Brussels are crucial and need to be consistent and all-inclusive. Whatever the narrow political interests at the European Parliament, Brussels should constantly make clear through an all-party consensus that parliamentary boycott is an unacceptable practice by today's democratic norms. 
Grateful to MEPs Knut Fleckenstein, Eduard Kukan and Elmar Brok for their efforts.".

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